I had no idea they actually covered their namesake!

I am such a mood to write, I have been drinking coffee ever since I got home a few hours ago, and I have yet to pen or type anything! I am aching for some ideas or prompts or a commission or some inspiration anywhere…

I just taught my dog to howl.

She is still getting the hang of it, but whenever I start, she gets the idea and follows along. It’s quite fun, and she is super adorable! :)

Kurt Cobain has committed suicide 20 years ago today. Jared Leto pays a tribute to Kurt Cobain by covering “Pennyroyal Tree” by Nirvana, 2011.

Lately I haven’t felt very motivated to do much of anything. I am growing less and less productive, and considerably less and less prudent. I don’t know if it’s just a minor, normal, alternating low, or if I have no care in me left at all. I don’t look forward to very many things. Everything is losing it’s shine. I am getting bored quicker and easier. I can’t say I feel bad, because I feel nothing. I don’t even know why I am posting this. Maybe when I am not brain dead, I can refer back to this post and compare my extreme high…which probably will not happen for a while, if ever again.

I think I feel a little teeny bit attractive today. A rarity these days.